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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life moves on....

A good start to moving on was the 'Treat 'em Right' Seminar we attended in Melbourne on Thursday, by SendOutCards.

Founder of Send Out Cards,
Kody Bateman meets Susi B!

Top Entrepreneur in Send Out Cards,
Jordan Adler with Team mate Terry Gleeson.

Clay Sculpture by Franz Baumgartner
Profile Terry Gleeson

Well, like most people who live in Australia, the time has stood still the past week with the horrific aftermath of the bushfires in Victoria. I was pretty stuck on the Koala story, and found it difficult to think, let alone write anything. But now I must forge forward and as we reflect on the worst tragedy in our country's history, I come to the realisation that we owe it to ourselves and everyone who has been affected, to find a way to cope, so that we can be of service to those in need.

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