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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Getting the Message out!

Cyclone Larry Mums call out to Vic bushfire survivors:

In 2005 Cyclone Larry hit Innisfail hard, in fact it was right in the heart of the Cyclone's path and it all but wiped Innisfail off the map. A group of Innisfail mums got together after realising that the children's playground might be one of the least priorities in the recovery process, so they started to discuss the possibility of re-establishing an area of normality for their children as quickly as possible, with the focus being on raising money to re-build a children's playground.
Of course, it was not only the infrastructure that was damaged, but the Innisfail community would also need ongoing suppport for the emotional trauma that a disaster like this leaves behind; Peace Mitchell, her sister Katy, and their friends Liz and Karen decided to form a non-profit organisation called 'Mothers Helping Others' as a base for ongoing support and projects.

MHO have already initiated a couple of projects, publishing a book of children's stories and art work, and from the sale of the book raising money to rebuild a local playground, and organising a Photographic Workshop and holding an exhibition of the photos as a fundraiser!

Mothers Helping Others also travelled to Brisbane, and met with community representatives after the November storm there, which left 170 homes uninhabitable and more than 2,000 severely damaged; some of which are still under tarpaulins!

Now Peace and her friends are gearing up to help the Victorian bushfire survivors:)
Here Peace Mitchell from 'Mothers Helping Others' is being interviewed by Spencer Howson on ABC Radio [Brisbane] listen to it online: Peace on Radio

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