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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who is Susi B?

I thought this was a good idea!
[i.e. to start a Blog where I can focus on 'who is Susi B' and direct people to there]
...but where do I start?

Well, I guess just having a place to start is a good start! I can use this Blog to collect the info as I remember it, and develop it as I go along, and perhaps I can combine it with a couple of other ideas I have, like: 'my favourite twitter quotes' etc. [now already, even before I finish this paragraph, I start to have ideas for not just this Blog, but many!!!]
And that is the amazing thing about writing; whether it be a Blog, a Journal, or even a letter, once you actually *start*, it just begins to flow and it quickly develops a life of its own!
Then sooner than you expect, you are 'up and running' and you have Blogs and Journals for every brilliant idea that 'pops' into your head!

Now where was I?
Hmmm, while I think of it, I must also consider: what is my passion?, what is my purpose? and what motivates me??

Ok, so the moral of the story is: 'Just Start!'

I hope you will also feel inspired to join in and add your comments, you'll find a place below!

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