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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just B U :)

...if only you realised that to just be YOU, is enough :)
that's all you are meant to do, just be you.

We are here to be happy :)

It's up to you, if you feel happy or sad!
It's up to YOU!

Did you know that your opinion of yourself is just a mindset,
an attitude, a thought pattern or a belief?
And did you know that you can change your attitude,
your thoughts and your beliefs at any given moment?
Who is in charge of YOUR thoughts and beliefs anyway?
It is your choice, it is in your power to change how you feel.
If you don't *get that*, or at least even hope that it is true,
how can I begin to help make you SHINE?

The light is within you, just let it Shine...

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