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Free Schapelle

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Send Out Love!

Send Schapelle a Card for FREE!

Send some love to Schapelle, and let her know you care...

Write to Schapelle here:
Schapelle Corby 

c/o Wayan Widyatha

Poste Restante

Main Post Office Kuta

Kuta, Bali,


If you write to Schapelle, write to brighten her day and keep it positive! (please be mindful that Schapelle's mail is opened in front of prison staff. 
Do not write anything that will upset the Indonesian people.) See a Letter writing guide here
If you would like to also send a care package, please see this list of primary and secondary essential items for prisoners detained in foreign prisons: List of essential items to send

If you'd like to do more, there are several suggestions on how to help here: How I can Help

and here: http:

or write a letter: Example letter

and  Please sign the petition  

Send emails and Ask your friends to help

and to view the truth, Read her book.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm actually one of the people in the pictures above. Some supporters recently came back from Bali after spending time with Schapelle, and have reported that she is in really, really, really bad shape. She simply will not survive much longer. There is an enormous amount of reasonable doubt surrounding her conviction so this is a horrible miscarriage of justice.